Welcome to my site! I am a current economics PhD student at UCLA. This site serves as a hub for my research projects, free tools and teaching resources.

I currently have one working paper, joint with Michael Ludwig:

“The Nonlinear Relationship of Overtime and Injury: Evidence from Los Angeles Traffic Officers”

Detailed Abstract: Designing overtime regulation requires understanding more than just the association between hours worked and workplace injury. In this paper, we explore the functional relationship between hours worked and the risk of injury using linked payroll and worker’s compensation claims for Los Angeles traffic officers. We employ the case-crossover approach from epidemiology to estimate six fixed effects logistic regression models using hours worked from different rolling windows. Optimal functional forms, approximated as restricted cubic splines, are highly non-linear. We estimate working 27 rather than 26 hours in 3 consecutive days increases the odds of injury by 31% [1.05, 1.65] on the 4th day, regardless of how many hours worked the 4th day. We use our model to compute the average semi-elasticity of the probability of injury with respect to hours worked. We find that on average, a one hour increase in hours worked in the last 3-days increases injury probability by 27.2%. We also find a large “Vacation Effect”: the odds of injury on a given workday after 5 days of no work are estimated to be 93% less than the odds of injury after working one 8 hour shift during the last 5 days.